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We're industry-leading for a reason
Spend on marketing in both the physical and digital world is at an all-time high; yet with so many different communication channels, it can be daunting knowing how to best place your budget. We recognise that consumers are not 'one size fits all' and are as unique as any business. That's why we offer our Estate Agents a suite of marketing tools which increase their reach and engagement with a diverse customer range.
'Shopping Local' is an increasingly important consumer trend, and being an active part of the business community can benefit an organisation.
To take the most advantage of advertising, businesses need to target their message directly to their key clients. Because our publications are distributed to potential, sellers, buyers, landlords both online and offline, the adverts are consumed by the very people requiring such services at that point in time.
"It's key to us that we involve our Estate Agents in providing local entities they would like us to approach, to achieve the most desirable selection of connected businesses."
We have a team of highly experienced and professional Marketing Consultants who successfully generate sponsorship for your publications by gently inviting businesses to explore the marketing opportunity these publications present. They work exclusively on behalf of the Estate Agent for 2-3 weeks locating themselves in the Estate Agents geographical area. With their experience and knowledge of which sponsors to approach and the high quality of the publication we can successfully generate the sponsorship required.
An easy timeline
1. Initiation
We schedule a date for our professional Marketing Consultant to start working on the publication and request our Estate Agent to provide a list of local businesses relevant to the property industry and home movers, that they would like us to approach regarding sponsorship. In addition to this, we have an extensive database of national brands and local sponsors who have already asked to appear in our publications which we can utilise with the Estate Agent's approval.
2. Marketing
During this stage, our Marketing Consultant will work exclusively on behalf of the Estate Agent to generate the required sponsorship for the publication and typically lasts around 2-3 weeks.
Consult Design Deliver
3. Design
Upon completing successful sponsorship, our Design Studio will work with the Estate Agent to fully understand their brand and request a design brief to enable the first proof production. We ask for images, logos, photographs, and editorial content to ensure that the finished product truly encapsulates the business. However, we also benefit from extensive in-house photo libraries and engaging articles and content that may be considered for inclusion.

To respond to our customers' changing needs, we have also developed an online tool, SmartMag, which fully complements our luxury publications; yet enabling Estate Agents to curate a digital magazine periodically, upload properties, and appeal to an online audience.

Under some circumstances we may be able to assist with a staged release of your SmartMag in order to cater for any time critical objectives that you have, we are happy to discuss this with you as part of your publication process.
4. Print
We send the publication to print on approval of the design, consciously using the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials from sustainable sources; we're proud to use only FSC and PFSC certified printing companies.
5. Delivery
Publications are delivered within two weeks of the Estate Agent design approval; with a choice to arrive boxed or flat packed depending on individual storage space needs. Your SmartMag is created and designed as part of the same project, meaning Estate Agents benefit from the suite of tools, and meet their diverse customer needs from the get-go. It is likely that the both Digital version and SmartMag will be in distribution within hours of your approval of the artwork.
6. Thrive
Our publications and tools are produced to the highest design quality, with the means to engage and excite customers. We're confident our products are the means of growing your business effectively and professionally.