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Digital Booklets.
Digital booklets are by their nature - an electronic representation of your printed publication. However, rather than simply bundle the pages into the (by now very established) flipbook format and consider that "job done" - we'd rather utilise the platform - go the extra mile and add searchable indices, thumbnails of pages, tabs for easy access to featured content and quick lists of supporting local business.

In this fast paced market, having your publication as a digital booklet allows further scope for exposure, easy access for more potential clients to your publication on their device of choice and the option to email and distribute wherever you please.
The digital representation of your publication in an easy to use format, another part of our integrated publishing solution.

  • A book on the screen, with moving pages
  • Extended features
  • Indices
  • Tabs for Content
  • Thumbnails of pages
  • Searchable text
  • Working Hyperlinks
  • Working Email Links
  • No plugins needed!
  • Unlike printed publications, there are options to update the digital booklet
  • The digital booklet does not have to mirror the printed publication
  • Hosted by us - for you 24/7 on dedicated servers
  • Option to self-host
  • Email signature links provided
Our standard advice: It is your publication and you are very much in the driving seat, our designers will want to talk to you and get to know you so they can produce a bespoke publication relevant to your agency. Examples of content for our publications are listed above, but this is just a outline to help produce a publication that will set you apart from the rest!
Remember : All our publications ship with updatable digital editions.

For our premium printed publications please consider: Magazines or Corporate Folders