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Corporate Folders.
Corporate Folders are one of life's basic ingredients, once you've had some of our flagship folders, there will be very little left to desire. Not for us the flimsy monochromatic offerings of yesteryear - our premium folders can be supplied with a shape and finish of your choice, laminated in a silky lustre or eye popping varnish.

Business card slots, extra capacity for more documents, special blocked finishes and bespoke shapes - we want you to be able to have a resounding "yes, of course!" from us when specifying your next instruction carrying folder.
Here is your chance to impress your clients with a high quality folder to show them you are the best in your area, for them to keep important information together. Bespoke to you, but examples of content:

  • Your corporate images, logos, colours, etc
  • Photos of offices
  • Photos of staff
  • Area map
  • Lifestyle images
  • Write up on your Estate Agent and what sets you apart from the rest
  • Satisfied customers testimonials
Our standard advice: It is your publication and you are very much in the driving seat, our designers will want to talk to you and get to know you so they can produce a bespoke publication relevant to your agency. Examples of content for our publications are listed above, but this is just a outline to help produce a publication that will set you apart from the rest!
Remember : All our publications ship with updatable digital editions.

Our Corporate Folders are normally accompanied by either: Magazines or Information Guides